Nature Photography Album
Spring Wildflower Carpet in a Blue Oak Woodland
Shooting Stars and Tie-down Peak (Spring 1998)
A Meadow of Goldfields near Hoover Lake (Spring 1998)
Misty Ridges View from Springs Trail
South End of Coit Lake (Spring 1998)
A Creek in the Orestimba Wilderness (Spring 1998)
Above it All on Pine Ridge
Autumn at Madrone Soda Springs (Fall 2000)
Middle Ridge Vista (Fall 2000)
Sunset at Park Headquarters (Fall 2000)
Fallen Oaks along the Springs Trail (Spring 1998)
Autumn at China Hole (Fall 1999)
A Glimpse of Kelly Lake from Coit Road (Spring 1998)
A View from along the Orestimba Creek Trail (Spring 1998)
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