Welcome to the Animals of Henry W. Coe State Park

The animals have been separated into categories so it will be easier to find what you are looking for.




We have the Birds of Coe Park category which contains all the birds that might be found in the park. You will find a Bird Group Index which shows all the bird groups represented by species in the park. On these pages you will find information about habitat, what months you might expect to see the birds, picture links, Wikipedia information links, and sound files if available.








We have a Mammals category which list most of the mammals that you might find in the park. There are photographs, information, and links to more photos at Calphoto.








We have an Amphibians and Reptiles category which list the amphibians and reptiles that can be found in park. There are photo links and information links for all the animals.









We have a Butterflies category which lists the butterflies which are likely to be found in the park. There are links for all the butterflies which will take you to photos and information. 








The final category is called Bugs and Creepy Crawlies which includes other interesting animals that can be found in the park that do not fall under the previous categories.



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