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Ride Along/Fishing Tour
August 22, 2014 - August 24, 2014  
Coe Outings


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Henry W. Coe State Park is one of California’s largest State Parks. It is the home of pristine California wilderness, wonderful remnants of settlements and ranches, and magnificent geographic features. With more than 87,000 acres, some of its offerings can only be reached by multi day trips on horseback, bike, foot, or vehicle…

For the first time this spring the Pine Ridge Association will offer guided, ride along style overnight car camping tours into the backcountry. Organized by state park volunteers, this wonderful opportunity will allow you to drive YOUR vehicle along with a caravan of others deep into areas of the park and gain access to some of its harder to reach marvels, including some of its lakes.


  • Tour vehicles must have four wheel drive. Drivers must be comfortable driving on unpaved ranch roads. Some areas we will be visiting are remote, and the roads can be rugged. We may be crossing small creeks and climbing steep grades. The roads are always dusty. Your vehicle will get filthy.
  • Your tour vehicle must be pre approved before the event by park staff. You will need to provide information about it such as year, model, and height and ground clearances. No trailers.
  • Participants may be any age, but drivers must be at least 18. California state driving and vehicle codes apply.
  • People in your party are expected to have reasonable backcountry camping experience. You will be responsible for providing all your own equipment, food, and water.
  • Tour will begin early Saturday morning. Group camping Friday night inside the park may be available. After we meet for introduction and instructions we will all drive together into the hills, stopping and spending time at places of interest. We will car camp together Saturday evening, and the tour will resume Sunday morning after breakfast. We won’t drive out of the park until late Sunday afternoon.
  • Routes will vary depending on road and weather conditions. Some places we may visit are: The Dowdy Ranch, Hole in the Rock, Mustang Peak, Pacheco Camp, Hoover Landing Strip, and Coit and Mississippi Lakes.
  • All backcountry regulations apply. No wood or charcoal fires. No dogs. No firearms.
  • California state fishing regulations apply.
  • Please carpool and share the experience with others. You may bring as many people as you can safely accommodate. Apply early, as there is limited space available. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.


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