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East Coe Trail Work Day
May 5, 2018   8:30AM - 3:00PM
Dowdy Visitor Center - Bell's Station Entrance -
Lending a Hand


This trail work day is open to the public. You must watch this event to see where it will be, what time it will be, and whether it will be held at all. Check this event on the Friday before the event to verify the details. 

Volunteers from the PUBLIC must contact Paul Liebenberg listed below so we know you are coming.

If you're a hiker, a mountain biker, or a horseback rider, you know that great trails help make great parks. Trails don't just happen though, and many budget-stressed parks (like Coe) rely on volunteers to build new trails and keep old trails open.

We will be working in the Dowdy area on this trail day. Main trail will be Mack's Corral Trail brushing and tread work.

Meet at the small parking lot at Bells Station at 9:00. This parking lot is before the first gate that lets you drive up to the Dowdy. There is an entrance to this lot on the right just after you pass the old trailer.

Coffee and donuts will be provided before the work begins but since we have to travel to get to the work site, please arrive early so you have time to enjoy them. Be there by 8:30am if you want coffee and donuts. We will leave for the work site by 9am.

We will do the trail work rain or shine unless there is heavy rain on the day of the trail work. 

Lunch at noon. Please bring your own food and water.

Wear sturdy footwear and clothes for the activity and expected climate. Bring and wear personal protective gear including gloves and eye-wear.

Poison oak, ticks and other objective hazards may be encountered.

You will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate.

Parking is free for volunteers if a parking pass is obtained during the orientation and displayed upon your windshield/dashboard.

Event ends at 3:00pm, or when volunteer decides it ends, unless otherwise specified.

For more information contact Paul Liebenberg at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Please RSVP with Paul by 12:00 noon on Friday 05/04/18.

Permission slip for minors must be filled out and signed prior to the event - Click here for form


Dowdy Visitor Center - Bell's Station Entrance



Bell's Station on Highway 152 is located  6.5 miles east of the Highway 152/Highway 156 junction. If you're driving east from this junction, look for the left turn lane and indicate your intention to turn left well in advance. You'll first see a high rock outcrop on the south side of Highway 152, then the old white Bell's Station building on the north side of the highway. Move into the left turn lane and turn very carefully across oncoming westbound traffic. If you're traveling west from Interstate 5, the Bell's Station turnoff is approximately 22 miles from Interstate 5. Again, look for the old white Bell's Station building on the north side of Highway 152 and turn north at Bell's Station. If you miss the turn into Coe Park at Bell's Station traveling from either direction, proceed to the next safe place to turn around, which might be three or four miles.

The distance from Bell's Station to the Dowdy Ranch visitor center is seven miles. The road is unpaved, quite rough in some areas, a somewhat steep climb in the lower reaches, and has many turns and bends. Drive slowly and enjoy the gorgeous views opening up on all sides. Beware of dust and slow down if a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction. The road is safe to drive in 2WD vehicles, but carry a spare tire and extra water just in case. Plan on 30 minutes each way for the trip.  There is no parking along the road until you reach the Dowdy Ranch area. The speed limit is 25 mph.


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