Coe Outings

Henry W. Coe State Park is so large that there is a great deal of territory beyond the reach of most visitors.  Pine Ridge Association volunteers are now offering guided trips deep into the park backcountry.  Coe Outings offers three different ways to visit places that would take days to reach from normal park entrances.  Choose your favorite way to travel and come see Coe’s remote backcountry.

Guided Backpack Tour Check back here for the next scheduled event!
Your trip will start miles inside the eastern portion of the park, a good two day’s walk from headquarters.  From there, you will backpack deeper in Coe's backcountry and spend the night in utter solitude.  This area of the park is beautiful in spring.

Pacheco Camp Outing Sept 25 - 27 - Apply NOW!
We will meet at Kickham Ranch for secure parking for your vehicle for the weekend.  Your gear will be transferred to a volunteer's vehicle for transport to Pacheco Camp.  Park Volunteers will provide two dinners and two breakfast meals so you can focus on riding the backcountry trails that are not usually accessible by mere mortals.

Coit Camp Weekend
You will drive into the park’s interior where Coe volunteers will lead several riding or hiking routes. You can go with a guide or on your own. There will be a ride which is sure to match your riding appetite and the fitness of your horse.  There will also be a hike that will be sure to match your level of fitness. You will camp two nights in the parks interior where meals (except lunches) will be available.

Guided Backcountry Ride Along and Fishing Tour
Guided by state park volunteers, you will drive your 4wd vehicle in a caravan of others to lakes and locations seen by very few people.  You will have an opportunity to fish or wander as you please deep in the park’s backcountry, then camp for the night in quiet solitude.



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Coe Park Volunteer Ranger

Are you interested in learning more about Henry W. Coe State Park and sharing your knowledge with park visitors? How about helping out with annual events or maintenance of springs and trails? If so, visit our Volunteer page.

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