Uniformed Volunteer Program

DSCN8021_200x150Volunteers play a major role in operating Henry W. Coe State Park. They provide staff for the Visitor Center, answering questions, describing trails and camping areas, registering visitors, collecting fees and selling store merchandise. Volunteers lead guided walks and more strenuous hikes; give evening programs for campers; publish maps, interpretive leaflets, trail guides, maintain the website and more!

We have over 100 active Uniformed Volunteers at Henry W. Coe State Park. Each of them contributes at least 50 hours a year, and some contribute many more. Our enthusiastic volunteers enjoy sharing their love and knowledge of the park and enjoy benefits as well! Benefits include free parking on days they volunteer and free entry passes into select other State Parks after achieving higher levels of service hours.

Joining the Program

The Pine Ridge Association, in cooperation with Henry W. Coe State Park staff, conducts a training program for uniformed volunteers. The program includes talks and hikes covering volunteer duties, history and the physical environment of the area, plants and animals of Coe Park, interacting with park visitors, and a weekend touring the backcountry.


The volunteer training is conducted over several weekends in the fall, typically starting in early September and provides about 50 hours of in-depth knowledge. The detailed training enables you to effectively work with park visitors to help ensure their enjoyment and safety, as well as protecting Henry W. Coe State Park’s broad variety of natural and historical resources.

While wearing the uniform of an active Uniformed Volunteer, you can contribute to the park by staffing our Visitor’s Centers, special event days, doing trail patrols on foot, bicycle, or horseback and by helping maintain the park’s facilities such as buildings, trails and water sources. All while enjoying a very special camaraderie!

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Coe Park Volunteer Ranger

Are you interested in learning more about Henry W. Coe State Park and sharing your knowledge with park visitors? How about helping out with annual events or maintenance of springs and trails? If so, visit our Volunteer page.

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