Closure Notice (1/20/2023): Due to hazardous conditions, Henry W. Coe State Park is closed until further notice. Creeks are high with swift flowing water, trees may fall, and there are mudslides throughout the park causing unsafe conditions.

Please refer to the Henry W. Coe State Park page on California State Parks website for the latest news on park restrictions and closures.

autumn-buckHenry W. Coe State Park is the largest state park in northern California, with over 87,000 acres of wild open spaces.  The terrain of the park is rugged, varied, and beautiful, with lofty ridges and steep canyons. Once the home of Ohlone Indians, the park is now home to a fascinating variety of plants and animals, including the elusive mountain lion.

Within Coe Park are the headwaters of Coyote Creek, long stretches of the Pacheco and Orestimba creeks, and a 23,300-acre wilderness area.

The park is open year-round for hikers, mountain bikers, backpackers, equestrians, car campers, picnickers, photographers, and people who simply like to visit parks.

goldvistasThe ridges, meadows, and deep canyons of Henry W. Coe State Park are located in the Diablo Range south of San Jose and east of the fertile Santa Clara Valley.  Elevations in the 80,000-acre park range from 710 feet where the North Fork of Pacheco Creek leaves the southeastern part of the park to 3,560 feet on the slopes of Mt. Stakes in the northeastern area of the park.

Gently rounded ridge tops alternate with deep, steep-sided canyons and beautiful flowing streams.  Grasslands and oak savanna straddle the ridges and cover the gentle slopes.  Shaded hillsides and canyons are covered with forests and woodlands.

The ridges have spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, and from some vantage points, on clear days, you can see the peaks and domes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

When you come to the park, don't forget to bring a camera. The opportunities for excellent nature photography are limitless. Even the road to Coe Park Headquarters, though long, winding, and narrow in spots, has beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. The view below, of Anderson Lake, is about six miles from the park looking back towards Santa Clara Valley. Anderson Lake  is Santa Clara's largest reservoir and is part of Anderson Lake County Park, a popular Bay Area recreation area.  Also close by is Coyote Lake County Park.  If you'd like more information about Santa Clara county parks,  visit their homepage.


Coe Park Location

Coe Park is located in the southern part of the Diablo range about 30 miles southeast of San Jose.

Coe Park Location


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