Closure Notice (1/20/2023): Due to hazardous conditions, Henry W. Coe State Park is closed until further notice. Creeks are high with swift flowing water, trees may fall, and there are mudslides throughout the park causing unsafe conditions.

Please refer to the Henry W. Coe State Park page on California State Parks website for the latest news on park restrictions and closures.



Backpacking groups are limited to eight people.

  • In the park's Western Area, backpackers must camp at designated sites.  (The Western Area is the camping zone that extends 5 to 8 miles out from park headquarters.)  The rest of the park is divided into named zones, and when you get a backpacking permit to camp in those zones you can camp wherever you like, as long as you camp out of sight of other established campsites.
  • Fires are not allowed (except in the Manzanita Point sites), but you can use backpacking stoves.  During the dry season, we ask that you be particularly careful with your stove.
  • Dogs and firearms are not allowed in the backcountry.
  • Please pack out all your trash.
  • Bury human waste and wash dishes at least 100 feet from streams, lakes, and springs.
  • Camp out of sight of other campers.
  • If you're packing into the park from the Coyote Creek gate or Hunting Hollow entrance, camp at least one-half mile from the entrance.

... and Recommendations

  • You should purify any backcountry water that you're going to consume.
  • Springs and creeks on the map might not have water.  Ask park staff about water availability when you register.
  • Be sure to take a map with you. Maps and Backpacking Guides are available in the Visitor Center.
  • You might want to take a hiking stick, especially for crossing streams in winter and spring and any time if you're carrying a heavy pack.
  • Some trails and roads, particularly in the Orestimba Wilderness, are in poor condition and some are hard to find.  Ask park staff about the condition of roads and trails on your planned route.
  • There is no parking at the Coyote Creek gate. If you want to use that trailhead, please park and pay fees at the Hunting Hollow entrance.


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