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Distance from HQ: 6.1 miles

Elevation gain/loss: +400/-1800 feet

Camp elevation:  1,220 feet

Picnic table: no    

Outhouse:  no   

Water: Coyote Creek, or Lost Spring 1 mile away 

Number of sites: 3, for groups of 1-8 people.

Campsite #2
Campsite #3
East Fork Coyote Creek at Los Cruzeros

Over 200 years ago, at what is now Los Cruzeros Camp, Juan Bautista de Anza and his men crossed the East Fork of Coyote Creek during their 1775-76 expedition from Mexico. 

Surrounded by ridges, the camping area is in a broad, rocky expanse close to where Kelly Cabin Canyon meets the East Fork of Coyote Creek.  

The 3 campsites at Los Cruzeros have little shade. 

Campsite #1, which is beside Mahoney Meadows Road at the mouth of Kelly Cabin Canyon, is partially shaded by a large sycamore tree. 

Campsite #2 (some say the best) is upstream to the northeast in a bouldery area out of sight of the road. 

Campsite #3 is further upstream, on the north side of the creek, within view of where the road crosses the creek. 

Water: During the rainy season and the spring months, you can get water from the creek. In the summer, the creek usually dries up. The nearest year-round source of water is at Lost Spring Camp (which is about one mile away and 380 feet higher in elevation). 


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