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Distance from HQ: 6.1 miles

Elevation gain/loss: +840/-1920 feet

Camp elevation: 1,600 feet

Picnic table: yes

Outhouse: no. The old outhouse at the site is not functional.

Water: nearby spring

Number of sites: 1, for groups of 1- 8 people.

Lost Spring Campsite
Old outhouse at Lost Spring Camp

This camp is shady and peaceful with its year-round water supply and abundant shade, it's one of the best choices for a summer camping spot. Lost Spring Camp is on the far side of Mahoney Ridge's north end, about a half mile from the ridge top.

The nearby spring is a very reliable source of water, and it usually flows well even in the summer and fall months.  During the day, you can sit quietly near the spring and watch birds and squirrels as they come to drink. The campsite is located at the end of a side trail, up the hill less than a hundred yards south of the spring, and you may need to search a bit to find it. 

Note: This site is 6 miles from headquarters via Poverty Flat Road and Mahoney Meadows Road. It's 7.8 miles from headquarters via China Hole Trail and the Narrows. You'll want to take the shorter route during the rainy months, when the East Fork of Coyote Creek fills the Narrows with water. When the Narrows is passable, it provides a lovely corridor full of interesting riparian plants and wildlife.  Although there is no trail through the Narrows and the terrain is mostly rocks and boulders, you'll find it a very worthwhile route if you travel slowly and watch your step.


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