The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Bird Groups


Scroll down to the index of birds groups represented by species in Coe Park. Select a bird group from the list to find the birds in that group. Included is information about habitat, bird sightings in Coe as well as links to birds pictures and sounds. 

Bird Sightings

4 More common
1 Less common

Bird Habitat

A Aerial
C Chaparral (manzanita scrub, chamise, ceanothus, etc.)
E Escarpment (cliff faces, rock piles, and outcroppings)
G Grasslands and oak/grassland savannah
L Lakes and stock ponds (including vegetated margins)
P Ponderosa pine woodlands
R Riparian (streamsides; willow, sycamore, maple)
S Structures (ranch buildings, barns, etc.)
W Woodland (except ponderosa pine stands)