The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Campsites in Western Area


All the campsites listed below can be reached from park headquarters within a day.  The list includes all designated campsites in the park, except for horse camps.  The one-way distances listed from park headquarters to the campsites are for the routes we most often recommend, not necessarily for the shortest routes.  Elevation gain/loss is cumulative for one way to the camp site. The elevation of each campsite is also provided to give you an idea of elevation gains and losses.  Elevations and mileages are averaged for areas with multiple campsites.

Beyond the designated sites are backpacking "zones," which have no designated camping areas. In the backpacking zones, you can camp wherever you like.

Water Availability

We've provided information about water availability in each of the campsite descriptions.  However, be sure to ask park staff about current water conditions before you head out on a backpacking trip.


Over half of the campsites have an outhouse nearby.  Due to understaffing at the park, however, we're unable to keep all the outhouses clean and stocked with toilet paper (...our apologies). Please have an extra roll with you.

More Information

At park headquarters, in a binder called Camping at Coe, you'll find route maps and photographs for each of the backpacking campsites in the park (the book was created by park volunteer Marty Michael).  Also pick up our newest Backpacking/Hiking Guides.

Designated campsites in the Western zone

(Distance and elevation gain/loss is for one way to the camp site from the park headquarters)