The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Los Cruzeros Camps

East Fork Coyote Creek

Distance from HQ
6.1 miles

Elevation gain/loss
+400/-1800 feet

Camp elevation
1,220 feet

Picnic table


Number of sites
3, for groups of 1-8 people

Coyote Creek, or Lost Spring 1 mile away

Over 200 years ago, at what is now Los Cruzeros Camp, Juan Bautista de Anza and his men crossed the East Fork of Coyote Creek during their 1775-76 expedition from Mexico. 

Surrounded by ridges, the camping area is in a broad, rocky expanse close to where Kelly Cabin Canyon meets the East Fork of Coyote Creek.  

The 3 campsites at Los Cruzeros have little shade. 

Campsite #1, which is beside Mahoney Meadows Road at the mouth of Kelly Cabin Canyon, is partially shaded by a large sycamore tree. 

Campsite #2 (some say the best) is upstream to the northeast in a bouldery area out of sight of the road. 

Campsite #3 is further upstream, on the north side of the creek, within view of where the road crosses the creek. 

Water: During the rainy season and the spring months, you can get water from the creek. In the summer, the creek usually dries up. The nearest year-round source of water is at Lost Spring Camp (which is about one mile away and 380 feet higher in elevation).