The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Madrone Soda Springs Camps

Madrone Springs Campsite #2
Madrone Springs Campsite #1

Distance from HQ
3.2 miles

Elevation gain/loss
+140/-1280 feet

Camp elevation
1,520 feet

Picnic table


Number of sites
2, for groups of 1-8 people

nearest water source is Soda Springs creek

The area has two campsites, with lots of level ground for tents. These camps are in Soda Springs Canyon at the base of Pine Ridge. After you descend all the way down on Madrone Spring trail, and cross the Soda Springs creek, one site is straight ahead and the other on your left.  

From 1879 to the mid 1940s, the area was the site of a thriving mineral springs resort.  Ask someone at the Visitor Center to show you photos of the two-story hotel, cabins, dance pavilion, and barn that once stood in this remote spot. All that's left now are a few crumbling steps, a concrete sink, a stone cooler, and some locust and almond trees.  Even the mineral springs have disappeared. Spring wildflowers are especially nice at Madrone Soda Springs, but the creek will probably be dry by summertime.