The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Manzanita Point Group Camps

Blue Oak Horse Camp
Group Site #1
Group Site #2
Group Site #3
Group Site #4
Group Site #5

Distance from HQ
2.5 miles

Elevation gain/loss
+100/-470 feet

Camp elevation
2,270 feet

Picnic table


Number of sites
11, for groups 10-50 people (or less, when not reserved)

Bass Pond

Giant manzanitas, ponderosa pines, and oaks shade this pleasant knoll at the east end of Pine Ridge. The ten campsites in the area can be reserved for groups with 10 to 50 people. When not reserved, these sites can be used as backpacking sites.

Manzanita Point is a great destination for beginning backpackers, semi-lazy backpackers, and backpacking families with small kids.  All the sites have at least one picnic table and an outhouse nearby. Although there is no treated water available in the camp, the water in nearby Bass Pond can be filtered and boiled for drinking. Rabbit Spring, at the end of a little trail below site 10, often flows in winter and spring but usualy dry in summer and fall.