The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Two Oaks Camp

Two Oaks campsite
Pajahuello Spring on Frog Lake Trail

Distance from HQ
2.0 miles

Elevation gain/loss
++630/-630 feet

Camp elevation
2,640 feet

Picnic table


Number of sites
1, for groups of 1-8 people

nearest water source is Pajahuello Spring, right at the junction of the Two Oaks campsite trail and Frog Lake trail

If your destination is Frog Lake, and the campsite at the lake is already taken, you can use Two Oaks Camp as an alternative. 

The campsite, a flat area surrounded by oak trees, is about a half mile north of the lake at the end of a short spur trail off Frog Lake Trail. When you get to Pajahuello Spring tank, you will see the short trail to the campsite.