The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park
The campsite – on slightly elevated spot
Alternate campsite - about 30 yards past the main site

Distance from HQ
4.1 miles

Elevation gain/loss
+860/-1900 feet

Camp elevation
1,640 feet

Picnic table


Number of sites
1, for groups of 1- 8 people

nearest water source is Coyote Creek

The side trail to Upper Camp is a short distance (1/4 mile) upstream from where Hobbs road crosses the Middle Fork of Coyote Creek. The Upper camp is about 0.1 mile from the Hobbs road on the narrow side trail.  

Upper Camp is an excellent place to nap in the shade, bask in the sun, and spy on wary trout. Water is available year round in the creek, and at least one pool right next to the campsite stays deep enough to swim in through early summer and sometimes year round.

Because the camp is at the bottom of a deep canyon, it's usually quite cold in the winter and early spring, but on hot summer days it's often pleasantly cool.