The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Mountain Biking in Coe Park

Fog Over Hunting Hollow

Fog Over Hunting Hollow

Photo: ElHombre @ mtbr

Within the over 87,000 acres of Henry W. Coe State Park are rumored to be 290 miles of trails and roads that are open to mountain bikes, the most in any State Park in CA!  The rugged terrain offers a wide variety of riding options.

While there are one or two fairly easy rides, suitable for the whole family, most of the longer rides are moderately to extremely difficult. See the Mountain Bike Trail Information page for a few suggestions.

Coe mountain bike veterans often refer to the "Coe factor", referring to the additional effort required per mile of Henry Coe trails and roads.

For safe and responsible riding, please adhere to the rules and guidelines found on the pages to the right.

Only class 1 eBikes are allowed in the park, for more information see District Superintendent Orders.