The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Mountain Bike Trail Info


One-way distance from park headquarters to

Frog Lake2.0 miles
Manzanita Point Camp #92.6 miles
Deer Horn Spring3.2 miles
Poverty Flat3.3 miles
China Hole4.8 miles
Mahoney Pond7.7 miles
Mississippi Lake11.4 miles
Kelly Lake12.5 miles
Coit Lake13.5 miles
Mountain Bike Trail Info

Photo: BigLarry @ mtbr

Beginner Ride from Hunting Hollow - 7 miles

There is really only one ride that is suitable for beginners at this entrance. Luckily it is a beautiful route that can feel very adventurous for the young and young-at-heart as well as being a great introduction to the beauty of Henry Coe State Park.

Find your way to the Hunting Hollow park entrance off Gilroy Hot Springs Road

The old ranch road that winds out through Hunting Hollow crosses the creek many times over about 3.5 miles. It has a very slight uphill grade and short climbs out of some of the creek crossings. In the winter it can be challenging and it is unlikely that you will be able to keep your feet dry during these months.

Even this easy ride can be dangerous if the water is running high. Please use your best judgement about the abilities of the riders in your group!

Beginner Ride from HQ - 7 miles

There is some height-exposed singletrack on Frog Lake Trail. It is suitable for a mountain biker who is not ready for the 2000'+ of elevation gain of the loop rides, but it is not suitable for inexperienced riders nor young children. Use caution and walk your bike if you are not sure of yourself on these sections.

Climb Manzanita Point Road (paved) from HQ, past the ranger's house and descend into the park. - After one mile, at the bottom of the hill, and at the sign board, take a left on Flat Frog Tr.  Go 2.2 miles to the end. Go right, across the creek and up Hobb's Rd about 1/2 mile to the bathroom and small camp above Frog Lake, descend to the lake for lunch and return the way you came.

Loops from HQ

Shortest Middle Ridge loop - 10+ miles

Headquarters - Manzanita Pt Rd - Flat Frog Tr - Hobbs Rd past Frog Lake - Middle Ridge Tr - Cross the creek twice - Poverty Flat Rd 300m east

  • Cougar Tr on the right before the 3rd creek crossing - right on China Hole Tr - right on Manzanita Pt Rd - Headquarters

Medium Middle Ridge loop - 12+ miles

Instead of Cougar Trail cross the creek on Poverty Flat Rd and look for Creekside Tr on the right after the bathroom

  • Creekside is hike-a-bike with some poison oak - follow the creek to the rightto China Hole - China Hole Tr past Cougar and follow the directions above to HQ

Longer Middle Ridge loop - 17+ miles

Instead of Creekside Tr follow Poverty Flat Rd up and over Jackass Pass - right on Mahoney Meadows Rd or Mack's Corral Tr down to the creek

  • Past Los Cruzeros and up the "the wall" on Mahoney Meadows Rd - Right on Lost Springs Tr to the top - right on China Hole Tr down to China Hole and follow the directions above to HQ

Loops from Hunting Hollow

JDT - Grizzly Gulch Loop - 12 miles - Elevation gain: 2300 ft

Hunting Hollow parking lot - JDT - Serpentine - Grizzly Gulch - Hot Springs Road

This loop brings you up the Jim Donnelly trail with an average 5% grade, and some nice views back to the valley. This will "T" into Steer Ridge road, where it will bring you to the cuttoff of Serpentine trail (south of Wilson Peak). Serpentine trail has some fairly steep sections, and some fairly severe ruts. You will take a left on Grizzly Gulch trail, mostly a rolling trail. At the end of Grizzly Gulch trail, head south toward Hot Springs road, and follow the road back to the parking lot. See the Trailforks link to this loop.