The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Riding Responsibly


Lots of people contribute to keep Coe park open and to keeping the trails in great shape for your enjoyment.  Please consider taking a day and helping out with some trail work!

Yield the right-of-way to hikers

  • As you approach hikers, slow down and let them know you're coming; a friendly greeting works well.
  • On narrow trails, stop and let hikers pass.
Creekside Trail

Middle Ridge Trail

Photo: ElHombre @ mtbr

Yield the right-of-way to horses

  • When approaching horses, be even more cautious. 
  • In most instances you should stop, get off your bike, and go to the lower side of the trail. 
  • Horses are often leary of unfamiliar things that are taller than they are.
    • Talk to them.  They are used to people.
  • Horseback riders are friendly and know their horses well.
    • Say hi and ask them if you aren't sure how best to proceed.
    • They will usually let you know what you can safely do around their horses.

Keep your bike under control at all times

  • Riding your bike at dangerous speeds can hurt you and other innocent people, and it's against the law.  Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit for bicycles on trails and roads is 15 mph. 
  • Slow down or walk around blind turns. 
  • Although park roads are generally closed to motor vehicles, state park and volunteer vehicles patrol the roads, and some property owners have rights-of-way through Coe Park. 

Avoid damaging trails

  • Roads and trails are often rough and may be rutted in places.
  • Avoid creating ruts in soft or wet trails. 
  • Get off and walk your bike if necessary. 
  • See the Trail Conditions page for current trail closures per the "1/2 inch in 48 hours" rule.
  • Avoid knocking off the edge of a trail by riding slower, or by walking. 
  • Be aware of what your tires are doing.
  • Ride it, don't slide it.