Where You Can Ride


Where You Can Ride

Creekside Trail near China Hole

Creekside Trail near China Hole Photo: ElHombre @ mtbr

  • Riding cross-country (off designated trails) is never allowed. If a "trail" is not on the current maps or is not posted as a trail, please stay off of it. 
  • Dirt roads and trails in all other areas (about 65,000 acres) are open to mountain bikes and Class 1 e-Bikes. There are about 290 miles of dirt roads and single track trails that are open to mountain bikes. 
  • All singletrack trails are closed to bicycles for 48 hours after a half inch (or more) of rain in a 24 hour period to prevent excessive erosion and trail damage.  Roads remain open all the time.  Click here for a graph of 48 hour accumulated rain. (Cordoza Ridge rain gauge)
  • The backcountry is open to bike campers.  The same rules apply to bikers as hikers; register and get a permit at headquarters (or self register at Hunting Hollow), pay the same fees, no fires are allowed (except where designated), purify water, no dogs, etc. See the Henry Coe State Park camping/backpacking information page here.
  • Motorcycles and motorized bikes (above Class 1 e-bikes) are not allowed in the park.
  • Check here for details on some suggested rides.  See Trail Conditions for the latest condition reports, and to help plan your ride.