The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Bylaws - Article I


Article I


Section 1: Definition

Herein are the Bylaws of the Pine Ridge Association (Hereafter “Association” or “PRA”), a public benefit, nonprofit corporation.

The Board of Directors (herein called the “Board” or “director(s)”) is granted full power and authority to change the principal office as stated in Section 3 of this Article from one location to another.  Any such change shall be noted in the bylaws opposite Section 3, or Section 3 may be amended to state the new location.

The term “member” as used herein shall mean any person holding membership as provided for in Article III Section 1 of these bylaws.

Section 2: Construction and Definitions

Unless the context otherwise requires, the general provisions, rules, construction, and definitions contained in the General Provisions of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law and in the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law shall govern the construction of these bylaws.

Section 3: Offices

The corporation's principal office is located at the visitor center at Henry W. Coe State Park, 9100 East Dunne Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA 95037.