The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Bylaws - Article II


Article II


Section 1: Objectives

The objectives of this corporation are:  (1) to provide and promote the public education and interpretive activities of the State Park System, principally at Henry W. Coe State Park; (2) to produce and make available to park visitors, by sale or free distribution, suitable interpretive and educational literature and materials, including but not limited to books, maps, pamphlets, visuals, and recordings; (3) to acquire materials or objects pertaining to the cultural history or natural history of the area for the purpose of adding them to the interpretive collections of the State Park System; (4) to develop and maintain a suitable library for Henry W. Coe State Park; (5) to assist in development and improvement of interpretive facilities; (6) to assist financially and otherwise in the establish¬ment and operation of similar cooperating associations in other areas of the State Park System; (7) to give aid to the State of California in conserving, developing, and inter-preting the areas of the State Park System for the benefit of the public; and (8) to work in close partnership with the uniformed volunteer organization, as appropriate, to further the above objectives.