The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Deer Horn Spring Camps


Distance from HQ: 2.8 miles

Elevation gain/loss: +830/-1180 feet 

Camp Elevation: 2,450 feet

Picnic table: no

Outhouse: yes

Water: Deer Horn spring just above the camps, runs in wet months only (Nov - April). 

Number of sites: 3, for groups of 1-8 people.

Campsite #1
Campsite #2
Campsite #3

This camping area is about 1.2 miles beyond Frog Lake on the far side of Middle Ridge, about a half mile from the ridge top.  

There are 3 backpack sites in the area and a somewhat centrally located outhouse. The campsites are marked with wooden posts.  Campsite #1 is a nice flat site on the north side of Hobbs road, up the hill about 100 feet.  Campsite #2, also on the north side, is largest, with a lovely flat area.  Campsite #3 on the south side of the road, is smaller and fits one or maximum two small tents.  

During recent years the Deer Horn spring had no summer flow.

In summer we suggest you bring water from Pajahuello Spring (Two Oaks area).