The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park
May 25 - May 26, 2024

Overnight Ride


After a long hiatus, we will once again offer a bike-packing trip to Pacheco Camp. Instead of biking with all your gear, tent, stove, sleeping pad, sleeping bag etc stuffed in all the packs you can fit on your bike, WE will truck 1 (one) duffel bag for you, and have it waiting for you at Pacheco Camp. Not only that, we will also be cooking dinner for you on Saturday night, and provide a light breakfast with coffee on Sunday Morning.

The starting point will be the secure, State owned Kickham ranch, off of Jamieson Road. We will start riding promptly at 10 am, so get there a little early (the gate will open at 9 am) to get your bag to us, and get your bike in order. Riders will head out North through Hunting Hollow creek and head up James Donnely Trail, Steer Ridge RD to Wilson Peak trail, meeting up with Grizzly Gulch trail. We will then cut off on Cullen Trail, and take Anza Trail, until it meets with Coit Rd. After a long climb up Coit Rd, we will work our way up to single track on Coit Dam Trail and Coit Ridge trail, winding down to Pacheco Camp. While riders won't be restricted to follow the suggested route, if you do stray, we won't be able to locate or assist you if something should go wrong.

You will need to bring snacks, lunch, water bottles, and or water bladder, and a way to purify water. And be able to fix flats, and be prepared for unexpected bike repairs. For some ideas of what you might want to bring, this list might help. But remember, if it doesn't fit in one bag, you are biking it up the hills. You don't need to have everything on this list. https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/bikepacking-checklist.html or https://bikepacking.com/bikepacking-101/pack-list/

This unique ride will be limited to 30 participants, so once registration is open, get signed up to reserve your spot. This is a difficult mountain bike ride, requiring the use of a stout mountain bike in good condition. The first day's ride will be around 24 miles and 5400 feet of elevation gain. See Saturdays route here, and Sunday's here. You need be experienced in routes that include up to 15% grades (up and down), water crossings, ruts in the trails, logs and large rocks in your path, long winded climbs, slippery descents, and other surprises. Class 1 eBikes are welcome. Charging for eBikes and other electronic devices will be made available at Pacheco Camp, but don't forget to pack your bicycle charger. You’ll sweat. You’ll swear. You’ll love it…just be careful. Questions? Special needs? Contact Bobby Barnett at cmbp-admin@coepark.net or (408) 836-7801. See the event flyer here for more information.


Cost: $50/person, and each person must be a current member of the Pine Ridge Association. For more information on becoming a PRA member, see membership details here. All proceeds benefit the Pine Ridge Association. Once registered, more details will follow.

Click here to register and fill out this waiver form. This event is limited to 30 participants.

The event is scheduled for May 25 - 26, 2024.