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The last runner has crossed the finish line and now it is time to show all the results. I hope everyone enjoyed this run in beautiful Hunting Hollow valley. Of course the only hunters to be found these days are the Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Coyotes and smaller predators. Besides the predators, there are many other reasons to visit this section of Henry Coe State Park. The access is easier than other entrances. The gorgeous scenery changes with the seasons. There are great hikes up the surrounding hills, some with views of Half Dome in Yosemite, especially after a Winter storm has cleared the air. Many long hikes and backpacks can start here on the way to the Coe lakes such as Kelly, Coit or Mississippi. It is a good place to get in shape for your next hike or backpack. So come and enjoy this year and plan to be in this event again next June.

To view the results, click on one the following links. These pages provide lists of overall finishers for the men’s and women’s runs and also provide results by age group.

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