The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Interpretive Programs at Coe Park

Interpretive Programs

The Pine Ridge Association offers a variety of interpretive programs that highlight the wonders of Henry W Coe State Park. These programs draw on such topics as the park's human history (early ranching days, the use of what is now the park by the Ohlones and Yokuts), the extensive animal presence in the park (from large animals such as wild pigs, coyotes, and mountain lions to the small shrews and mice to the abundant birds), the wonderful shows of wildflowers and stands of native grasses, and the rugged terrain full of geological history.

Some interpretive programs are offered in the form of outdoor activities such as Wildflower Walks and Hikes while some are indoor activities such as the spring and summer Evening Programs. For details on scheduled programs, see the Coe Park Calendar.

Wildflower Walks

These outings are easy strolls that last about two hours and cover less than two miles. The walks are led by knowledgeable park volunteers who will introduce you to the lovely wildflowers along Coe Park's trails. Your guide can help you plan more extensive hikes at the end of your leisurely wildflower walk. Please see the Coe Park Calendar for scheduled Wildflower Walks.

Ranger Led Hikes

Ranger Led Hikes are scheduled in the spring and early summer, usually start at 10 a.m. The hikes vary in destination, length, and difficulty and are hosted by a State Park Volunteer or State Park Ranger. Please see the Coe Park Calendar for scheduled Ranger Led Hikes.

Evening Programs

Evening Programs are scheduled in the spring and summer, usually on Saturdays starting at 8 p.m. They are held in the Interpretive Room downstairs in the Visitor Center and last about an hour. Please see the Coe Park Calendar for scheduled Evening Programs.

Other Programs

How about an evening of star gazing or a backpacking trip to the largest lake in the park? You might want to go on an adventure hike with the kids or a photography outing at sunset. Check out the Coe Park Calendar for some enjoyable and informative outings and other interpretive programs at Coe Park.