The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

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The Pine Ridge Association provides funds for educational and interpretive programs at Henry W. Coe State Park. The PRA helps support guided walks, evening talks in the visitor center, and the state park’s volunteer program. It also sponsors the annual Mother’s Day Breakfast, the fall TarantulaFest and barbecue, and other park events. The PRA supplies the public with free educational leaflets and publishes books and maps that are sold in the PRA bookstore at the park.

The quarterly newsletter, the Ponderosa, contains interesting articles about the park and information about upcoming park and association activities. Members receive a 15% discount on items sold by the association in their bookstore. Gift memberships are also available.

Memberships expire at the end of the calendar year. New memberships paid after July 1st are in effect until the end of the following year.