Closure Notice (3/16/2023): Due to hazardous conditions, Henry W. Coe State Park is closed until further notice. Creeks are high with swift flowing water, trees may fall, and there are mudslides throughout the park causing unsafe conditions.

Please refer to the Henry W. Coe State Park page on California State Parks website for the latest news on park restrictions and closures.

oristimbaroadoutcroppingThe complex geology of Henry W. Coe State Park can be better understood by looking at the park's major rock types, terranes, special features such as faults and volcanoes, and mineral deposits. Much of the material in this section is based on personal observations made by Judy Rood, a series of field trips led by Clark Blake of the U.S. Geological Survey, and reference to limited literature on the geology of the northern Diablo Range. Because geological theories on the evolution of the Franciscan Complex are changing as more is learned about these complicated rocks, some of the information in this chapter may change over time.


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