Daytime and Overnight Visits with Your Dog

The only entrance where we allow dogs to enter the park is the headquarters entrance. Dogs are not allowed on any of the hiking roads or trails. Dogs are allowed on the paved roads around the headquarters area (about a half mile total). Also, the Live Oak Trail, a shady half-mile trail between the Visitor Center and the entrance parking lot, is another place where you can take your dog for a walk.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. The dog leash must be no longer than 6 feet.

Dog owners/walkers are expected to immediately clean up after their animals (removing and properly disposing all excrement made by their dogs). Bring your own bags for waste disposal. Pet waste bags are NOT provided by the park.

The Park has a drive-in campground where you can camp with your dog. During the night, dogs must be kept inside a vehicle or a tent.

There is no fee for dogs at Coe Park.

Why We Don't Allow Dogs on the Trails

Dogs are great. Almost everyone likes dogs. So why, then, are there so many parks that don't allow dogs?

Most dogs instinctively mark territory, and the presence of dog scent often prevents wildlife from inhabiting areas that would normally provide them with homes and food. Dogs are also predators and most of them have a natural instinct to chase or bark at wildlife. If we're to maintain the natural conditions that make Coe Park one of the unique wild areas in the country, we simply can't allow dogs in the backcountry.

Dogs are popular because of their loving ways and their loyalty to their owners. Because of their protective attitude towards their owners, however, dogs can pose a threat to other people in parks like Coe that have many narrow, steep-sided trails.


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