The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Hunting Hollow and Coyote Creek


The Hunting Hollow entrance and Coyote Creek gate are located on the south-west edge of the park on Gilroy Hot Springs Road in Gilroy.

The Hunting Hollow gate and parking area is open 24 hours a day, year round. You can arrive at the entrance and park any time of day or night. You can self-register for day use or backpacking. Be sure to take a park map with you when you head into the backcountry. You'll find free handout maps at the bulletin board in the parking area. You can also study a large park map stapled to the bulletin boards. Large maps are available for purchase on weekends when the parking area is staffed (in March through June).

There is no parking at the Coyote Creek gate area. If you want to hike or backpack into the park from the Coyote Creek gate, you must register, park, and pay your backpacking fees at the Hunting Hollow entrance. You might want to drop off companions and backpack gear at the Coyote Creek gate before you park at Hunting Hollow and then hike 2 miles back to the Coyote Creek gate. If you leave a vehicle at the gate, you may be ticketed for parking in a no-parking area and your car may be towed away.


Hunting Hollow entrance and Coyote Creek gate are typically not staffed. There is a fee collection station in the Hunting Hollow parking lot. See the Park Fees page on the California State Parks website for current fee information.

Getting There

The Coe Park Hunting Hollow entrance and Coyote Creek gate are located on Gilroy Hot Springs Road.

Take Highway 101 to Leavesley Road and go east over the highway. Turn left onto New Rd. and then right onto Roop Road. Roop Road turns into Gilroy Hot Springs Road. The Coyote Creek trailhead is 2 miles past the Hunting Hollow Parking lot and does not offer any parking.