Water Conditions - Springs

  • The flow from springs varies throughout the year.
  • Not all springs shown on the park map are developed.
  • Many springs have troughs to make access easier for horses.
  • Water level indicates the trough's relative percentage of being full.
  • Some springs may flow only during the night.
  • Water conditions can change quickly.
  • On long hikes, be sure to take plenty of water.
  • On warm days, take more water than you think you'll need.
  • Consider recent weather conditions.
  • Don't rely on one observation about water availability.
  • Check with park staff for the latest information.
  • Consider alternate water sources as a backup.
  • Purify all backcountry water that you intend to consume.
  • Even when purified, consume at your own risk.
  • Bury human waste and wash dishes at least 100 feet from streams, lakes, and springs.
  • Water observations are collected by park staff, park volunteers and park visitors.
  • Dates are highlighted if information is more than 90 days old.
  • For more information see Water Resources in Coe Park.
  • Click here for Water Conditions - Lakes and Ponds.
  • Click here for Water Conditions - Creeks.
  • Click here for Trail Conditions.

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Click on the site name or image for more details. Level represents % full for trough or basin. Flow is in liters/min or S = seeping, D = dripping, T = trickle, F=float valve filled, V = Valve (faucet) filled, ?.? = measurement not taken and !!.!! = flow too strong to be measured. "TDS" is Total Dissolved Solids; a measurement of mineralization or water "hardness".

Site Level Flow Date/Time Comments
"Anza Lower Spring" NA !!.!! 03/07/19 11:00 AM Not labeled on map; spring symbol NW of junction of Anza and Cullen trails. No spur trail; accessible only on foot. Never improved. Interesting for its cave-like grotto.  Very high output in wet years.   (Reported by Paul V708)
"Anza Upper Spring" NA T 05/01/19 Not labeled on map; spring symbol north of junction of Anza and Cullen trails. No spur trail; accessible only on foot. Previously fed legacy ranching troughs in area. Possibly worthy of modernization. Also known as "Upper Woodchopper Spring".(Reported by Paul V708)
Arnold Horse Camp Spring 5 0.0 07/12/19 Park visitor Harmut W reports nearly dry with no flow. (Posted by Paul V708)
Arnold Spring (Springs Trail) NA S


Seepage coming across the trail. Mostly just mud. (Reported by Sue V702) Photo 05/27/13 by V708.
Bear Spring 100 10.0

04/11/19 11:45 AM

Water clear but some duckweed in trough.  Critter stick had been set aside; reattached with a zip tie. About 50 yards east of the spring the trail crosses to the north side of the creek.  The previous trail on the south side has been decommissioned.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Blackberry Spring N/A T


A spring previously used for early ranching activity.  Some remnants of old hardware is visible. A small flow of water still coming down ravine above the trail.  (Reported by Sue V702) Photo 08/18/14 by Sean K
Black Oak Spring 100 2.0 11/09/19 8:00 AM
Oak leaves in the basin. Trough full and clear but lots of mud on bottom, slow flow. Trail and spring can be difficult to find. Trough is being undermined by overflowing water. Trough pad needs minor repairs. Trough needs replacing; nearly chewed through in places by gnawing rodents. Spring box also needs attention.  Pigs wallowing around site.  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)
Blue Tank Spring 100 1.0

10/01/19 11:30 AM

Water fairly clear.  Critter stick in place but need repacing. TDS 250ppm. (Report by Paul V708)
Board Spring 100 1.3 08/10/19  2:00 PM Water clear but sediment in bottom of trough.    (Reported by Paul V708)  Photo 02/24/14 by Sue V702
Bowl Spring 100 ?.?

10/13/19 10:15 AM

Clear and full. Pigs apparently pushed the water trough out of position and dislocated the piping.  Persons unknown put the piping back together but backwards so a flow measurement could not be taken. Spring box needs repairs.  Caution; RLF habitat, do not clean trough without approval.  (Report by Paul V708)
Brem Horse Camp Spring 100 T 07/21/19 10:00 AM Old concrete trough. (Reported by Paul V708).
Brem Spring 0 S 04/23/18 Old spring box, no operational trough. Will need to dig hole for purification. (Reported by Paul V708)  Archival photo.
Bridalveil Spring NA S 11/09/19 Off trail, near mount sizer. Water seeps over rock outcrop, below old wooden trough. No trail to this spring located on Blue Ridge near Mt. Sizer; 0.15 mile SW of the repeater antenna tower. Very steep cross-country hike down to spring.  Small puddle used by wildlife.  Nearby trough reveals previous usage during the ranching era. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)
Canteen Spring 100 2.0 07/20/19  2:00 PM Flowing nicely, water clear..  Red-legged frog habitat; do not disturb. (Reported by Paul V708) Photo May 2014 by Paul V708.
Caviata Spring 100 4.5


Park visitor Harmut W reports strong flow and basin clear.  Red-legged frog habitat; do not disturb area. (Posted by Paul V708) Archival photo.
Clark Spring 100 S 01/24/19 Covered with algae. Locate 'SPRING' sign on jeep trail. Go north about 50 yds into creek canyon. Spring basin on far side. Jackrabbit Lake is .4 mile further up the road and may be a better choice to filter water at. Seeping. (Reported by Larry V785 and posted by Sue V702) Photo by Larry Fitterer.
Coit Horse Camp Trough #1  (Along Coit Road) 100 0.5 10/10/19 Water in trough is clear.  This trough is fed through a series of storage tanks with water from Coit Spring.  New roadside storage tank installed with faucet for easy service.  (Report by Paul V708)
Coit Horse Camp Trough #2  (Along Coit Springs Trail) 50 F 10/03/19 Clear with some algae.  (Report by Paul V708)
Coit Spring (Near steel storage tank on Coit SpringsTrail west of Cross Canyon Trail) 100 0.5


Full, covered by algae but clear below. (Report by Paul V708) Photo is of old spring box.
Cullen Lower Spring 100 D 09/29/19 Labled as "Cullen Spring" on map. Drained trough, cleaned. re-set critter stick.. (Reported by Dennis V801)
"Cullen Upper Spring" 0 0.0 01/29/18 Not labeled and spring symbol is hard to see on map; beneath "r" in "Cullen Trail" Dry. Rust holes in trough. Piping broken in several places. Not a true spring but relies on a catchment basin in a nearby ravine. Interesting as a legacy ranching artifact; otherwise should be removed from springs inventory. (Reported by Paul V708)
Deer Horn Spring 100 .25

11/10/19 10:30 AM

Full, clear. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V708) Photo 02/22/18.
Doe Spring 100 T 11/12/19 Trough is full.  (Reported by Sue V702)
Dowdy Ranch Parking Lot Horse Trough 100 V 04/10/19 May be filled via faucet.   Source =  Dowdy VC well. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Larry V785)
Dowdy Hayfield Spring 100 4.0 07/28/19 Full with a good flow of water coming in.  Clear water.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Dowdy Ranch Spring 100 ?.? 07/12/19 Park visitor David N reports full and clear.  (Posted by Paul V708)  
Dowdy Sulfur Spring 100 1.5

07/09/19 9:00 AM

Trail to spring heavily encroached by poison oak.  Trough mostly free of algae.   Chorus frog tadpoles present.  Caution; also a RLF habitat; do not clean trough. TDS 400 ppm. (Reported by Paul V708)
Elderberry Spring 100 T


Slow trickle coming in but trough full and clear.  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Mike V806)
Fern Spring 100 F 11/12/19 Currently dripping as the tank is full. Many yellow jackets around. Trough is being filled by valve from storage.  Lots of weeds but the water is clear. (Reported by Sue V702)
Grapevine Spring - Lower 100 T 11/09/19 Flowing well with some duck weed. Not measured. Water clear. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Chris V837)
Grapevine Spring - Upper 100 T 11/09/19 Clear and flowing. Not measured. Water clear.  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Chris V837)
Hatch Spring 100 ?.? 06/28/19 Park visitor Hartmut W reports still flowing strong. Runs on ground, no basin or trough. (Reported by Paul V708)
HQ Spring 100 ?.? 10/09/19 This trough near the intersection of E Dunne Ave. and Manzanita Point Rd. is fed by the springs that originally serviced the Coe Ranch headquarters. The 3 separate spring collection boxes are located about 400' above the trough on the shoulder of Pine Ridge; 2 of them are connected together and piped to this trough.  The 3rd maintains a hillside wetland.  The HQ area now receives its potable water from a well.   (Reported by Paul V708)
Iron Cabin Spring NA T 11/10/19

Water seeping from under rocks, pool 1x2 feet, about 2 inches deep. Named for a no longer existing cabin; located on Blue Ridge at the 2800' level. Can be reached by walking animal trails on contour from Hobbs Road. Strong trickle; could be captured for filtering in a desperate situation. Location is 37.219364,-121.523650. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)

James Spring 100 ?.?


Light stream in. Significant algae . (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Larry V785)  TDS 660 ppm.
Lion Spring 100 5.5

06/18/19 8:00 AM

Full, clear and flowing. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Anne V705) Photo 01/23/16
Live Oak Spring Trough 100 D

11/12/19 11:00 AM

Trough is fed by lower spring box and also partially by water from upper spring box. New storage tank for upper spring installed November 2014 with faucet for drawing off water to filter or otherwise treat. Bucket available. (Report Paul V708)
Live Oak Spring NA 3.1 11/12/19 11:00 AM Spring performing as expected. TDS 245 ppm. (Report by Paul V708)
Lost Spring 100 .5 10/12/19 Trough full and water is clear with no algae. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Chris V837)
Middle Steer Ridge Spring NA ?.? 10/13/19 Spring is  flowing again and is probably worthy of repair. (Report by Paul V708)
Mississippi Horse Camp Trough 100 F 08/10/19 Clear with lots of water plants.  (Reported by Paul V708) Photo 05/03/13 by V708.
Mississippi Horse Camp Spring NA 0.0

08/10/19 9:30 AM

No flow, storage tank down 5".  TDS 310 ppm.  (Reported by Paul V708) Photo 02/24/14.
Mistletoe Spring 100 T 10/26/19  Full with some algae. Water somewhat clear. Located along Bowl Trail 0.15 mile west of Willson Camp. (Report by Paul V708)
Monument Spring 50 0.0

10/08/19  11:30 AM

Stopped flowing and trough about half full. Still damp in the area. This secluded spring issues forth from beneath a ponderosa pine tree. Located across Hobbs Rd. from the Sierra View Spring.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Mudd Spring 100 NA


This reliable spring fed water hole is located in the Mississippi Creek approximately 200 feet north of the intersection of Mudd Spring and Mississippi Creek trails.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Pacheco Camp Tank 100 NA 11/12/19 Running and functioning properly.  Serves this faucet, cabin and the horse trough with float valve.  Source is Live Oak Spring. (Reported by Paul V708)
Pacheco Camp trough in camp 100 F 11/12/19 Float valve. Water in trough flowing clear, algae on top, critter stick in place. Functioning properly.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Pacheco Camp trough by the road 100 3.1


Full and clear. This trough is the bellwether for the entire Pacheco Camp/Live Oak Spring system. If water is not running into this trough please report it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Reported by Paul V708)
0_070817pajahuellospring Pajahuello Spring 100 0.75

11/09/19 9:30 AM

Water clear and flowing. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720) 
An unnamed spring near Phegley Ridge Trail NA T 03/13/19 Legacy ranch spring; not maintained.  Spring symbol shown on map. (Reported by Paul V708)
0_090716phegleywell Phegley Well 100 V 11/12/19 Water pumped in is clear. Many yellow jackers around. Legacy ranch well. This trough is located in the meadow near the base of the Phegley Ridge Trail and the opening of Coon Hunter's Gulch. This well had been capped since Hunting Hollow was opened as part of Coe. It is filled with a hand pump. Give it a few pumps if the trough is low and to keep it primed. (Reported by Sue V702)
Plume Spring NA S 09/28/19 Water seeping from under the base of a tree. The spring is located just off the Springs Trail at coordinates 37.179531, -121.529800. (Reported by Sue V702)
Rabbit Spring 0 0.0 01/13/19 Dry. (Reported by Elena V720)
0 041419RatSpring Rat Spring 100 .0.5 10/13/19 12:00 PM Clear, full, flowing. To access the spring go down or up Rat Spring Trail. On the way down turn right at the first intersection (no sign, cairn has disappeared), make your way through the chamise until you reach the spring trough under the trees. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)
0 031919RattlesnakeSpring "Rattlesnake Spring" NA 0.0 10/18/19 A few small puddles of water. Located at the end of Rattlesnake Trail off Wagon Road. Undeveloped; spring symbol is on park map but not named. Still just a puddle despite all the rain. Next water source is Kelly Lake approximately 1.7 trail miles distant. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Larry V785)
Redfern Spring NA T

11/12/19 10:30 AM

There are 2 spring sites in this area; the photo is of the one closest to Phegley Ridge Road but is not the one located on the map. There is enough clear water in a pool to filter a couple of liters. This location is also known as No-Name Pond C-25 (Reported by Paul V708)
Redfern Spring NA 0.0 11/12/19 There are 2 spring sites in this area; the photo is of the one located on the map. Spring site is not even damp this year. (Reported by Paul V708)
Rose Spring 1 T 09/26/19 Spring has moist mud in the basin.  Basin need to be repaired. (Reported by Sue V702) Archival photo.
Sada's Spring 100 1.7 11/09/19 11:30  AM Full. Some vegetation in the basin. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)
San Antone Spring 0 S 09/24/16 Backpacker Manfred K reports: "The trail to the spring doesn’t exist any longer. The spring is dysfunctional as the tub is disconnected. There is some water pooling at the spring and with some digging one could get water there." (Posted by Paul V708) Photo 09/07/16 by Manfred K.
0_070917sierraviewspring Sierra View Spring 100 T

10/08/19  11:30 AM

Full. Fairly clear, some leaf litter. Red-legged frog habitat; do not disturb.  (Report by Paul V708)
Spike Jones Spring 05 0.0 10/21/19  11:00 AM Spring box only has damp mud now..  (Report by Paul V708)
Sturla Domida Spring (Burra Burra) 100 1.0  10/15/19 12:10 PM New trough installed with temporary piping, water clear.  Old trough has a mat of water plants.   Located South West of Burra Burra Peak. Located about 200 feet below Dormida Trail. (along old fence line) @1508 foot elevation. UTM: 10643986E  4107585N  (Reported by Paul V708)
Sturla Dowdy Spring 100 3.5 07/25/19 11:00 AM Running well. Located down Mack's Corral Trail at 1300 foot elevation. UTM 645806E 4109109N. (Reported by Paul V708)
Sulphur Spring (Pond) (Pacheco Creek Basin) 0 0.0 07/20/19 Gound is damp, no surface water. (Reported by Paul V708) Photo by Paul V708.
Timm Spring - Lower 100 D 04/11/19 Fast drip. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Larry V785)
Timm Spring - Upper 100 T 10/21/19  Flowing and clear.  Single critter stick needs to be fastened to trough. Overflow needs inlet tube.  (Reported by Paul V708)
Tin Cup Spring 0 ?.? 06/22/19
Completely choked with vegetation but the hillside above moist. Big pool of water in the creek by the spring. Somebody stole the tin cup. Difficult to locate; look for faded pink ribbons tied in willow tree east side of Coyote Creek. 0.15 miles south of the corrals at Arnold Horse Camp. UTM: E635920, N4116730  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Elena V720)
White Tank Spring 100 T 10/28/19  Lots of algae but water clear; critter stick in place. (Posted by Sue V702)
0 WillowRidgeSpring Willow Ridge Spring 100 D 10/26/19 2:30 PM Trough full. Water dripping at one drip every 5 seconds. Noted that poison oak leaves are present in the spring box. Inlet pipe has been damaged by what appears to be chewing animals. (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by volunteer trainee John L.)
Willson Camp faucet NA NA 10/13/19 Functioning and running clear. Willson Camp faucet handle screw is missing. It works but the handle falls off pretty easily. Non-potable water available at camp faucet west of restroom.  Source is "Quartz Spring".  (Report by Paul V708)  Photo 10/20/12 by V708.
Willson Camp Hillside Spring 100 T

10/13/19 9:50 AM

Water muddy, it appear that pigs have been bathing in the trough.. North of the camp.  (Report by Paul V708)
Willson Camp Quartz Spring 100 2.0


Water clear.  Somebody had removed the critter stick and set it on top of trough where it did no good. This spring also feeds the storage tank that feeds the Willson Camp faucet. This trough is just west of the camp on the Bowl Trail.  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Chris V837)
Windmill Water Trough 100 11/12/19 Tank is full. There are two troughs. One is the large green trough and the second trough is next to the windmill and is fed automatically from the tank. The green trough is down about a foot so water is being diverted to that trough for now. The small trough is down a few inches.The green trough has lots of mosquito larvae and the water is green. (Reported by Sue V702) Photo 10/12/09
Woodchopper Spring Trough 100 F 11/09/19 Full, mostly clear with some algae.  (Posted by Sue V702 as reported by Chris V837)
Woodchopper Spring NA 4.0

07/01/19 10:00 AM

Running strong.  (Reported by Paul V708)


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