The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Ranch Day


Bring the family and learn about Ranch Life and the Ranch Animals. There will be all kinds of animals to see and pet including horses big and small. Wander through exhibits and see what life was like on the ranch. There will be lots of crafts for the kids too.

The Ranch Day event is held every spring at Hunting Hollow and it is a perennial favorite with families.

chicken-and-sheep minis-and-draft

Farm animals may include sheep, chickens, large and small horses, rabbits and turkeys.

bev-ropingExhibits and workshops demonstrate the history and lifestyles of ranch families that inhabited the Coe region in recent centuries. A nature exhibit allows children to touch and see some of the wildlife that call Coe home. Children can explore the nearby stream for bugs, fish and frogs. Bring rubber boots! Hotdogs and nonacholic drinks will be available for a small fee. Spring weather is unpredictable, so dress in layers. 

Take a short guided hike to an old homestead.

ranch-artifacts spinning-wheel