The Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. Coe State Park

Rules and guidelines for equestrians



  • Riding helmets are highly encouraged.
  • Several narrow trails located near park headquarters in the western sector are closed to horses (the Corral, Fish, Forest, Madrone Soda Springs, Middle Ridge, Mile, Monument, and Springs trails). These trails are marked with "no horse" logo signs.
  • Most park routes are designated as multi-use trails for equestrians, hikers and bicyclists. When you're on the trail, be courteous to other trail users.
  • Be prepared to encounter motor vehicles driving on right-of-way routes to property within or beyond the park.
  • You can let your horse graze in the park as long as you keep the horse under your control.
  • Check on the availability of water when you register.
  • Respect all plant and animal life.

Help hikers and bikers understand trail etiquette. Spread the word:

STOP - Horses spook easily, and may perceive movement, especially quiet movement, as a predator — and bolt.

TALK - Human speech is reassuring and comforting for the horse. Continue to talk until the horse has passed.

MOVE DOWN - to the low side of the trail. If horse gets spooked, you don’t want it going off the steep side or horse and rider can be injured.