Closure Notice (1/20/2023): Due to hazardous conditions, Henry W. Coe State Park is closed until further notice. Creeks are high with swift flowing water, trees may fall, and there are mudslides throughout the park causing unsafe conditions.

Please refer to the Henry W. Coe State Park page on California State Parks website for the latest news on park restrictions and closures.

We're always working to maintain and improve the buildings, trails and springs that support our park users.

There are springs to repair, trees to remove, trails and roads to maintain, dams to clean and all kinds of short, 1-3 day activities to help Coe without having to commit the time to go through the uniform volunteer training.

Trail Work

You are cordially invited to lend a hand in trail work at Coe Park.

If you're a hiker, a mountain biker, or a horseback rider, you know that great trails help make great parks. Trails don't just happen though, and many budget-stressed parks (like Coe) rely on volunteers to build new trails and keep old trails open.

Volunteer organized workdays usually occur on Saturday from 9AM - 3PM. Please contact coordinator shown for the event in advance to express your interest in participating. Meet your group at the parking area for orientation, safety discussion and organize access to trail work site. Participants under age of 18 will be required to provide a Parental/Guardian Permission for Juveniles consent form.

trailwork_2006You arrive at the meeting location, mingle with other volunteers, fill out a (very short) form.  Then you grab your lunch, water, and work gloves and head out in a park vehicle or on foot to an area in need of trail work.

9:30 a.m. You arrive at a trail head where an experienced trail worker describes the techniques of safe, effective trail work and explains how to use our trail tools.

10:00 a.m. You and your crew hike (if necessary) to your trail section and start to work. Your crew leader stays close by to answer questions, demonstrate techniques, and make sure everyone is working safely.

12:00 noon Everybody finds a shady spot for lunch.

12:30 p.m. Trail work resumes, and everyone is encouraged to drink lots of water if the day is turning warm.

2:30 p.m. Quitting time!  You and your crew admire the work you've done, turn in your tools, and head back to your cars, perhaps in the company of newly made friends.

We have two official trail days at the park, one in the fall and the other in spring. You can find the dates for upcoming work days under the Scheduled Trail, Springs, and Work Events heading. Some people get hooked on building trails, however, and we make special arrangements to let them work additional days during the year. If you become interested in putting in some "unofficial" trail work time, ask your crew leader for more information.

Springs Maintenance

Small teams of dedicated volunteers try to visit each of the springs that have tanks and plumbing in order to make sure that water is flowing into the troughs properly. The group usually drives in 4wd vehicles to the nearest trailhead to the spring site and services the springs by walking in. Weekend events are usually overnight, with the group staying at Pacheco Camp. The "springs committee" also maintains the Pacheco Camp and cabin. Some team members visit the spring sites during week days as well. There are 5 regularly scheduled overnight events each year.

Service Activity Coordinators

To express interest a service activity, contact:

Trail work events:

Susan Ferry


Springs maintenance:

Rich Winklebleck


Equestrian work groups:

Chere Bargar


Group trail work projects:

Ranger Cameron Bowers


Scout group service projects:

Rich Winklebleck

Maintenance I,

Gavilan Sector, DPR


Upcoming Service Events

No events


Coe Park Volunteer

Are you interested in learning more about Henry W. Coe State Park and sharing your knowledge with park visitors? How about helping out with annual events or maintenance of springs and trails? If so, visit our Volunteer page.

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